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Daily Yoga Clothing is manufactured in-house and respects an end of point process methodology.  The workers in the process enjoy efforts of economical upliftment, small and micro enterprise support and therefore socio development on a micro level.

The pants and yocks are produced by a born and grown South African company – a proudly graded 4- Black Empowerment Company.  Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a racially selective programme launched by the South African government to redress the inequalities of Apartheid by giving certain previously disadvantaged groups (Blacks, Coloureds, Indians, and Chinese who arrived before 1994) of South African citizens economic privileges previously not available to them[1].

All the tops are handmade by amazing women that have their factories in their own homes due to an economic crisis in South Africa. They are all greatly skilled and can be most respected to grow their businesses out of their own premises. These micro business’ induce and stimulate development and economical growth on grass roots level.


No …..better! Irene, manufacturer of all Daily Yoga tops and former owner of a lingerie factory has years of experience in dancewear, costume design and knows all the tricks to make the tops a perfect fit for every body type.

She is regularly supplying the large dance studios and dance competitions in her calm, loving way and a smile on her face.

It will feel like your second skin whilst expressing your individual style with the non-standard, out of the box designs. You can mix and match yocks, tops, bras, pants as freely as you are!

In the meantime, we make sure your purchase will make other people smile. With each item you are supporting local South African small business, that provoke a non-discriminating environment for all their employees, give everyone a chance to build up a better future and economy and support micro home run businesses on grass root level!

Our pants are made out of durable Tycoon Tight-knit Lycra® from Italy. With its compression ability you can fake being in shape like a pro and no matter how much you will stretch them, they will never get out of shape.

Smooth, silicon finished, lycra leg bands ensure your pants to stay in place.

The yocks are made out of MAXITHERM®  for superior stretch and insulation and has flat-locked seams & gripper elastic, which will make them stay up your leg without sliding.

All the tops are handmade out of lycra consisting of 80% nylon, 20% spandex.

The Longsleeve throw-overs are a poly-cotton blend.

You concentrate on your practice, we’ll take care of the rest.

You can wash all items by 30 degrees in your washing machine. Tumble dry them only on low heat, best is to air dry them.

Make sure to take out the cups of the bra in order to keep their shape.

Wear them and love them as much as we do!

Here is a list of places and studios that sell Daily Yoga.

As we hope to grow and expand, there is definitely the option to open an online shop, but for now we cannot serve you with that.

That’s a pity! Please email me and I will do my best to get all the exciting outfits delivered to you!

The Story


Hi! Thanks for clicking by!

I’m supposed to tell you an amazing fairy tale story of success. Here’s the truth instead! Daily Yoga Clothing was an idea midst my wedding preparations that took place in South Africa in 2016. Browsing through open back wedding dresses on the net, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful this would look as yoga tops… and so the idea was born…

But let’s start from the beginning. I’m Friederike, pronounced free-du-REE-kə. Born in Southern Germany, I was ballet dancing from the age of four up until my twenties, never being able to pull off my childhood dream of becoming a prima ballerina.

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Luckily I discovered yoga, using it as my survival method to make it through law school. Yoga doesn’t ask for being the best, yoga doesn’t ask for much, just an open mind. Yoga truly changed my outlook on life.

Survival also meant for me running a fashion blog called Daily Costumes, which was all about looking cool with a down to earth closet. Fashion, ever since, has been my true passion and my so called creative outlet.

Working after university in merchandising and retail for Ralph Lauren in Germany it became obvious to me that law and me won’t have an exciting future together.

As life took me and love happened I now find myself living in two countries on two continents, Switzerland and South Africa.

Since 2015 I’m a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) and kids yoga teacher (Rainbow Kids London). My heart fills up and breaks almost every time doing yoga with children, but either small or big, being a teacher is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.

With the strong connection to South Africa through my husband’s native background, I knew I wanted to create something that will bring these two worlds together, Europe and Africa, but also my two personal worlds, yoga and fashion.

Having said this, I strongly believe everyone that looks good and feels good can take themselves and its practice to higher heights. So why not being fashionable on the mat!

Pulling all the strings together, fashion, dance, yoga, teaching, law and my love for people I followed my heart and decided to trust in the magic of beginnings. And so the idea turned into a project, the project into a first yoga collection!

Daily Yoga is a sustainable community supported project made in South Africa. It serves active wear for beginners to yoga pros, your second skin in your asanas.

I really enjoy creating beautiful yoga clothes. And I hope you like wearing them as much as I do!

And that is the story.
(Non fairy tale version)

If colours and originality make you smile…
If you value creativity and enthusiasm…
If you don’t fit into any drawer…